Why ICU Answers?

A loved one or close friend is an ICU patient. Now what do you do? Critical illness is both difficult to deal with and understand. 

This is a most difficult and stressful time for everyone; patient and family.

Brain, heart, lungs, kidneys or other abdominal organs can be involved alone or in combination.

Sepsis is a major critical care problem and remains the leading cause of ICU death,

Many traumatic injuries require admission to the intensive care unit.

During the ICU stay new questions continually come up:

What is wrong? will my loved one survive?

How long will he or she be an ICU patient?

What questions should I be asking?

What if I don't understand what they tell me?

Why is all the equipment necessary?

Should I agree to all the tests and procedures?

If recovery is limited or not possible what should we do?

I am Dr. James Gallagher will try to provide guidance and answer your questions.

Critical Illness

The menu will take you to information about specific illness,  complications, and treatments.

A stay in the ICU is an emotional roller coaster. Very often the course of critical illness is unpredictable. Expect good days & some bad ones.

during this time

During this time, I'm here to answer your questions and provide any requested advice.

As things change, I will explain what's happening and why and what to do about it.

You will learn the roles of all those you will see in the ICU caring for your loved on during their critical  illness.

As an ICU patient your loved one's stay should not result in tension between you and the ICU doctors and other caregivers.

Everyone needs to be on the same side working to help your family member or loved survive and leave the unit.

Our goal is to keep you informed about what is happening; what to expect and suggest questions you can ask to keep you in the loop.

Help While Your Loved One is in the ICU

The picture above is frightening and is probably more so in person when visiting your loved one,

The more you learn  the easier it will be to deal this very difficult time. I want to help and support you during this very difficult time.

There is much information available. Every one of your questions is important to you and you deserve an honest, straightforward answer.

If you don't find what you are looking for or want even more information just send me a message and I'll answer as quickly as I can.

Critical illness can be dealt with; but the more information you have, the less stressful the coping and decision making. 

Go to the menu. Pick the illness or body system about whichyou want to know more.

None of us ever want to deal with a family member or friend who becomes an ICU patient. Everyone working in the ICU wants your loved one to improve and survive.

This site is your back up. We're here to support YOU. You may not be the sick one; but you also need support.